CAAHP is a nonprofit and nonpolitical educational organization which was founded in 1999 to support Chaldean health care providers. Made up of physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and other allied health professionals of Chaldean descent, the CAAHP serves as a professional forum offering education, networking, and community service opportunities.

What We Do

- Serve and enhance the Chaldean Community - Offer services and programs to the Chaldean medical professionals - Provide members with board approved medical education - Build community networks and hospital affiliations - Strive to become the preeminent Chaldean Health Care Association

Who We Work With

  • Chaldean Federation of America
  • Chaldean Community Foundation
  • Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce
  • Project Bismuitha: providing free health care to low income, uninsured Chaldeans
  • Chaldean Churches

Why Join

  • Have fun
  • Learn
  • Meet like-minded professionals
  • Help enhance our community
  • Make a difference

The Future

We see the CAAHP rapidly growing; both in memberships and network affiliations. The goals of the CAAHP are to enhance the Chaldean medical professional and to also enhance the Chaldean community as a whole. We work to serve the less fortunate, create lasting relationships, and promote quality educational programs. By strengthening the Chaldean medical community, the entire Chaldean society can benefit.