March - 7th Annual CAAHP Medical Symposium

•Review various gastrointestinal disease states. Evaluate diagnostic tools, identify risk factors, and summarize current therapeutic options.
•Review the epidemiology and risk factors for hepatitis C. Discuss diagnosis, management, complications, and summarize treatment options.
•Review temporomandibular (TMD) disorders. Discuss masticatory muscle pain and its causes. Summarize the treatment and management of TMD pain.
•List high risk populations and high alert medications. Explain corresponding risks. Describe best practices for error prevention. Review old and emerging technologies.

August - The Changing World of Pain Management: Effective and Safe Practices

•Identify factors contributing to recent issues in pain management that have influenced changes in pain practices
•Describe regulations and legislative initiatives influencing pain management practices.
•Discuss specific strategies regarding practices in pain management to keep both health care providers and patients safe.

December - Introduction to Travel Care

•Identify different disease states and risks related to travel
•Understand the importance of disease prevention when traveling
•Describe the different prophylactic vaccines and medications available for travel
•Summarize treatment options for travelers’ diarrhea